New MAHU Board July 14 2017

The new MAHU board met Tuesday, July 11th and was accompanied by newly elected NAHU Secretary, Eugene Starks.  Led by new President Chrissy Yelverton, the board discussed ways to increase membership, get more publicity through local media outlets, and improve professional development through CE courses and designations.  Goals were set and specific responsibilities were discussed.


From left to right: Hank Mathison, Sidney Kidder, Chrissy Yelverton, Shannon McKee, Lindsey Shearer, Charlie Westmoreland, Bill Morris, Kreig Bell, Conner Gunn, Mark Wall, and Eugene Starks.

Not pictured: Jackie Holt, Randy Ladner, James Moody, Dan Gibson, and Sy Easterling

Social Security Retirement presentation June 26 2015

Below is the link to the presentation Tony Boquet delivered at our June, 19th CE meeting.

Social Security Strategies

NEMAHU Symposium/MSU I-Day presentations April 20 2015

Click on the name of the presentation below to view.

ACA Required Reporting - FINAL

Affordable Care Act: Employer Shared Responsibility

Evolving Role of Providers in Healthcare Reform

Santa for Seniors January 16 2015

Every year, JAHU members sponsor Santa for Seniors by adopting a local senior citizen and buying them Christmas gifts per their wishes.  These gifts range from cooking necessities, clothing items, toiletries and other various needs we take for granted.  Christmas in 2014 was no different.  60 seniors were adopted and provided for by our membership.  Below is a picture of a few members along with the Santa for Seniors coordinators.

Pictured from left to right: Adam Lane, Tiesha Gibson, Katherine Hardy, Brenda Knott, Elizabeth Bailey, Tara Jones, and Katie Evans

CJ Stewart as our guest July 16 2014

During our May meeting, we were blessed to hear Mississippi native, CJ Stewart speak about his life and his foundation.  In short, he felt called to be a soldier...and an epitome of a soldier he is.  During his tenure in Afghanistan, he was injured.  Upon arriving home and recovering, he started the CJ Stewart foundation and opened the Down Range outdoor adventure camp where youth can learn their value as individuals and know they are loved.  Just as we challenged those attending this meeting, we challenge you to support this foundation and camp.  Click here to learn more about CJ Stewart, Down Range, and how to support.


Workplace Wellness Tax Credit an option for Mississippi January 30 2014

Recently, legislation has been introduced to Mississippi which would allow tax credits for businesses who implement workplace wellness programs.  MASI's (Mississippi Association of Self-Insurers) own Dan Gibson along with other supporters, including our local health underwriters associations are in favor of this legislation.

To read MASI's research findings on the workplace wellness tax credit, click here

Support MAHU-PAC October 25 2013

MAHU-PAC is a political action committee representing the members of the Mississippi Association of Health Underwriters (MAHU).

Why is MAHU-PAC necessary?

The health insurance industry is our livelihood and affects the entire State. It is directly affected by our statewide elected officials and the state legislature. MAHU-PAC allows MAHU to combine its strengths and resources to help candidates who support our career, our markets, and our consumers.

Legislatively, MAHU works to:

  • Provide council and assistance to organizations and interests working to face the challenge of providing adequate and affordable health care.
  • Promote accountability and fiscal responsibility in public health and the review of new health care proposals in both the public and private sectors.
  • Educate and effectively communicate government affairs information to MAHU members on matters of importance in areas affecting health care law.
  • Empower these same members and others to take responsibility for their own health care and get involved in the issues our industry faces.

Who can donate to MAHU-PAC?

Mississippi allows members, family members, and interested corporations to donate to MS Political Action Committees.

How can I donate?

Your donation today will ensure that the Mississippi Elected officials that support our objectives and livelihood will be re-elected to further our  local and national legislative causes.

Contact Steve Armstrong today at