Support MAHU-PAC October 25 2013

MAHU-PAC is a political action committee representing the members of the Mississippi Association of Health Underwriters (MAHU).

Why is MAHU-PAC necessary?

The health insurance industry is our livelihood and affects the entire State. It is directly affected by our statewide elected officials and the state legislature. MAHU-PAC allows MAHU to combine its strengths and resources to help candidates who support our career, our markets, and our consumers.

Legislatively, MAHU works to:

  • Provide council and assistance to organizations and interests working to face the challenge of providing adequate and affordable health care.
  • Promote accountability and fiscal responsibility in public health and the review of new health care proposals in both the public and private sectors.
  • Educate and effectively communicate government affairs information to MAHU members on matters of importance in areas affecting health care law.
  • Empower these same members and others to take responsibility for their own health care and get involved in the issues our industry faces.

Who can donate to MAHU-PAC?

Mississippi allows members, family members, and interested corporations to donate to MS Political Action Committees.

How can I donate?

Your donation today will ensure that the Mississippi Elected officials that support our objectives and livelihood will be re-elected to further ourĀ  local and national legislative causes.

Contact Steve Armstrong today at